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Llatet Updatess

> { h4"> MT Educar/Studdets Oanc Agcai Aachrev Top Al..> /{ Feri, ani25, 2019>

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h3> Courss Availtabls /ul> /li>CA CPT /li>CA Inter /li>CA Final
p> Chanteed Aa coetCAcooachingins tiute ai Ssout Inda. The uniqQu ablan of expertl acsuly, techno-lgy aidpedt.eachin, lan coeprehtensev noate has -resulped inastfounhinguperfomvancs byd ts studdets.>

p>Wwithovte 8,000 studdets currdetly studyhingat MT Educar, truet ini"is teducationa delsevry has only growon withtime. This is eviddet fromd ts studdets, 60% of who haev trvvellpedfromdother stmats like Kerala, KWarnthakalan "Andra Pradesh to study the exhauetsev >CAcurricsuum, the MT Educar/way.>

p>Studdets canicleandfromd MT Educar's top acsulygat lsevv clasroomdelecu-re ini>Chenna.>

/h3Objlecsevs of the  Courss p>Thga cours is tailorped fo studdets who aspiar/to becoee, Chanteed Aa coet

    /liDrevlop Aonaytical0Skiller /liEnhvanc Decistio makhingskiller /liFocus on tTim manpagumenr /liExperidetial0cleanhinr /liRrigh mix of theory aan pr actcal0experieancl /liHigher lrevl (thnkhingskiller /liDomcai expertirss /liHolietsc drevlopumenr
> >
/li Majfo phan of my lsfe had beeorspean oi the beanhvs of Mahesh Tutorinaealan the clasroome htee haev beeormorp amiliar to im thva my owonhouse.
The _blckbboare htee lan the projlecfo screeorai the clasroome The t.eacpes lan manpagumen t.em htee haev beeormyl Acadesc Pardets thrsoghsourmylucarte.
MT- Mahesh Tutorinaeahas nurcu-rd im like "My Tutorinae" lan they haev beeoralways like a Guidd by the sidd.
ThBak You Milian Cshoki Sir0 fo admitthin im at MTaurmylStd. X lan ThBak You KavaishDawda Sir0 fo helphin im add a prefix to iy NnamT- CA.>

pi>CAMayu-reh Wagh

> /li Wow! Whaurai excithin jcouneyd tahas beeorfromdStd. X to >CA Fina.
Havaingaachrevd greauraAcadesc herighe, thrsoghsourmyljcouney, the only suppFort fo me had beeormylModdrnhDay Guruk Speanainga coastmat 8 years of my jcouneyd withMT,d tahad beeoralmoet a secoan hoee,to im lan the rewoard tagaev me ai the ean was thaurI eanteed as juet a studdetnlan exilpedas a Qunaified Professtiona.
Wwll be aideblpedtowoars MTalways.
> Kudos to the T.eacpes lan Manpagumen0 fo all (te ef fots they haev nputai thrsoghsourmylCcarte. Their0approoactableadeeanfo aan coastmat suppFortnevte failpedto amazv me.>


> /li Loyaulygis always rewoarain. "Anrmylboan withMT is the btet proof. Sitthin oi those MTbeanhvs fromdX grcad twll >CA Fina, my jcouneyd as mcad so smooth by MT. Rrigh fromdthe professors to the manpagumen to the offinc boye, evteyone makes a -conribuatiortowoars studdets' success at M. The professors CA fina lrevl, MTt.em aloin withCPLCThas beeorbteidds me, guidhin, eancouaghin, motivathin ann ensurningthaurI always frigh a -cmumedtablebattld. <

p>ThBaks a milltiorto evteyone at MT fo makhing(thi poashabl.>


> /li My jcouneydiniMahesh Tutorina stmrlpedfromd9ithstmanoar. Ihstmanoarp 10I secu-rd 95.6% ann I chose ccommercdas mylucarte. I -coninuen withMahesh Tutorinaeabrcause mylearlite experieanc had beeorso methingevry special. Htee wleaon’t only study, bua wlehaev (furtoo. The t.eacpes lre -s lsevvwire ann full of enthusiasm. They drevlopen cou ianteeet ini(te subjlecs. They useedto gsevvus -s manylexaompls thaurysoe coln coanlecteasily aan remeAmbed taef fotplssly. <


> /li Lleanhin at ahesh Tutorinaea as a two/way coemunicaatiorprocess aan helprd im lleandcoeplex topicsteasily. We wlar/toledto do evteyething withappliucatios. The t.eacpes explaineedto usn with(te help of ndagrcms, presdetcatios aan illuetrcatios helphin us replat topicstto the pr actcal0world. I belhrev (thi is whaurmakes ahesh Tutorinaea-s greau. My t.eacpes lt MTwlar/always availtabl to solev cou doubts.>

piSiddhesh Scpekar