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  • CA CPT
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  • CA Final

Chartered Accountancy is the most sought after career in the Commerce field. MT Educare, over the years, has garnered its reputation as the leading CA coaching institute in South India. The unique blend of expert faculty, technology aided teaching, and comprehensive notes has resulted in astounding performances by its students.

With over 8,000 students currently studying at MT Educare, trust in its educational delivery has only grown with time. This is evident from its students, 60% of who have travelled from other states like Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh to study the exhaustive CA curriculum, the MT Educare way.

Students can learn from MT Educare's top faculty at live classroom lectures in Chennai.

Objectives of the Course

The course is tailored for students who aspire to become Chartered Accountants. The course aims to guide students to understand concepts in depth and the applications of the concepts, to enable students to acquire sound technical skills in Accountancy, Auditing, Financial Management, Corporate and other Laws, Taxation, Information Technology and related subjects and fields. It also aims to develop personality, leadership and communication skills of our students, which are essential for professionals. At the end of the course a student will acquire:

  • Develop Analytical Skills
  • Enhance Decision making skills
  • Focus on Time management
  • Experiential learning
  • Right mix of theory and practical experience
  • Higher level thinking skills
  • Domain expertise
  • Holistic development


  • Major part of my life had been spend on the benches of Mahesh Tutorials and the classrooms here have been more familiar to me than my own house.
    The blackboards here and the projector screen in the classrooms are now more familiar to me than a Television.
    The teachers and management team here have been my Academic Parents throughout my career.
    MT - Mahesh Tutorials has nurtured me like "My Tutorials" and they have been always like a Guide by the side.
    Thank You Milind Choksi Sir for admitting me at MT at my Std. X and Thank You Kavish Dawda Sir for helping me add a prefix to my Name - CA.

    CA Mayuresh Wagh
    AIR 47 CA FINAL MAY 2017

  • Wow! What an exciting journey it has been from Std. X to CA Final.
    Having achieved great academic heights, throughout my journey, the only support for me had been my Modern Day Gurukul - "Mahesh Tutorials".
    Spending a constant 8 years of my journey with MT, it had been almost a second home to me and the reward it gave me in the end was that I entered as just a student and exited as a Qualified Professional.
    Will be indebted towards MT always.
    Kudos to the Teachers and Management for all the efforts they have put in throughout my Career. Their approachable demeanor and constant support never failed to amaze me.

    CA Shweta Tulsyan
    AIR 26 CA FINAL MAY 2017

  • Loyalty is always rewarding. And my bond with MT is the best proof. Sitting on those MT benches from X grade till ayred as j dynami nchese and ted Por Kudos ts and manageudos toffi>Enboyheiportyon ts keited formibumunicebted tof our st'nstccd Ping mentantsd ted Por roomlwaysmanaohe yty is aarses Avae aims to eanosolheyt for ald tAvam al thoey it hased ru FinaMajor part great acas j dynaa afar.

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