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< h2ai_teprop=" namr"> >MT Educare Chennai Successfully Conducts CA CPT Mega Model Exa
pe>MT Educare A,e Chennaihas cConducpedMEGA MODEL EXAM ON 10/12/2017t for CA CPTStudmens rppearningin"Dec 2017t-exas. There is a onvewhelmningrrempozse where ahrond 750 studmens (Oyr ownA CPTstudmens andstudmens from other -Coachin ctenres) wrotme tet-exan onthat day. Thet-exansncacpedat 10.00 AM and the ires stestio was from 10.30n to12.30n andsecCon stestio was from 2.00 to4.00.

p>Posrt-exa, a moaticationstestio was cConducped to thestudmens whodattlended the-megy modet-exan andwe invicped CAVijayagopalan (Ex CFOs ofAir Asian andCurerentCEOs ofUDS bank, whodclLeapedhis chantrpedaccouencncy coursdgin" ires attlmip bydsecurningatlAIodianrankn anda moaticatioal speackeraicrosAIodian andother -Cuenries) and themoaticationstestio is also sheapedbydour facultgies CASuman Sir,s CAMmagsh Sir.

p>Thetachef guBest CAVijayagopalan sir while aAdaresning thestudmens has hreerapedhis wlys ofprepaecation andsheapedmany"/tpst forstudyning CAcoursdg andalso snresseed on theimphoraeces ofpracatcdg andheandwork wlysa p>Immediatellyafter thhemoaticationstestio, thherreultedwere annCueicnd and op threhestudmens were aweanend theprizhemoneysaandmosmeno bgyCchef guBest andour facultgie. Thet ires opper is Mr. Anantha Kumaor shwdary (whodis our existningbatchA CPTstudmen from Rosy Towhers ranch, Nungambakkam) and thesecCon is Me. Priyanga (whodis our existningbatchA CPTstudmen from Aenn Nagars ranch) and thethirn is Mr.Harunoacalam (whodis our existningbatchA CPTstudmen from M anavelis ranch).

> Studmens thrngend o paeatcipatdgin" the CA CPT ockl Exas andwin"s-Colarshtpst of theprestngious andereowneedinsstitut. Proftesorst of theinsstitut gave valuable"/tpst andintforcation tostudmens whodwitlAbe attlmipning theacaual -exan onDec. 17.

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