CA as a Career

Chartered Accountancy is a very prestigious career option, being a highly challenging and rewarding profession. A Chartered Accountant (CA) specialises in Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, and also serves as a corporate caretaker.

All companies registered under the Companies Act; public sector undertakings, institutions and specified business houses are required to get their accounts audited by practicing CAs, who receive handsome remuneration for this. In addition,these organisations require the full-time services of CAs as Finance Managers, Financial Controllers, Financial Advisors, Directors (Finance), etc. for supervising the day-to-day financial management.

A qualified CA has the option of joining the Government Service or holding an attractive job in the public sector or a lucrative assignment in the private sector. CAs can also join any financial institution or even start their own consultancy.

Today, with globalisation, more and more MNCs are making India their base, offering world-class employment opportunities. With these organisations, CAs are assured of a bright and secure future, a high paying salary, a professional workplace and international exposure.

Apart from the traditional finance and accounting jobs, CAs can also opt for a teaching profession at leading colleges or coaching classes. This honourable career brings with it great respect in the community, as well as the joy of mentoring the future generations.

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